Progress Physical Therapy

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Project Summary

User-generated video is all the rage. XLNTads gives users a chance to work for brands that they love. Brand partnerships, finding utility in a community of skills, how could we pass this one up? Only thing is we'd have to put our own spin on it somewhere...

2 Weeks
Rapid turnaround of a lightweight, informational site featuring video distributed by Brightcove...and a little something special.
We Know HTML delivered the following to the client during the project:
  • A multi-page, but easy to navigate microsite
  • A video player from Brightcove
  • Microformatted contact information and development schedule

Detailed Project Description

Quick turnaround was the name of the game on this project. But rather than let a timeline limit the quality or features, we took the designs provided by local designer Brian Brossman and rapidly turned them into XHTML/CSS templates.

After putting the site together, our attention turned to digging through Brightcove's video management tool, and presenting not only one...but three options for video playback on the site homepage. Utilizing unobtrusive javascript, a simple player-switcher was created that allowed the user to see details about and watch the other videos being demoed on the site.

With a little bit of time left, we recognized an opportunity for something special: Microformats. Each page included contact information in at least one place. The development schedule page was a calendar of sorts. These types of data can not only be displayed for visual consumption...but for digital consumption as well.

By utilizing hCard and hCal, this information became computer-friendly, as well, allowing easy export to .vcard or .ics, portable files recognized by most popular Contact Management applications.

While the value in these microformats may not be recognized immediately, they are are some large long-term benefits that will be discovered in the near future, which Alex began outlining in his blog post about the launch. We thought it would be advantageous to give our client the same edge that many other services are realizing.

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