Surfers Supplies

Surfers Supplies

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Project Summary

E-commerce platforms are a dime-a-dozen on the web, but none are quite as graceful as JadedPixel's Shopify. Rapid development (for a pre-holiday launch) was the name of the game, as well as having an easy-to-manage administration console.

2 Weeks
To launch a simple to use (for both the end-customer, as well as the store manager) e-commerce solution into an existing website.
We Know HTML delivered the following to the client during the project:
  • Developed a set of Shopify skins to match the existing site design.
  • Integrated Shopify store seamlessly into the existing Surfers Supplies website

Detailed Project Description

Ken Rossi of Evolve Studios designed the original site for Surfers Supplies. He was helping them build their online presence, and an online store was an must-have for this South Jersey retailer. But there wasn't a whole lot of time to get things up and running with the holidays quickly approaching.

We Know HTML stepped in and suggested using Shopify, a Ruby on Rails driven e-commerce platform built by the dudes at JadedPixel. One of the coolest things about Shopify is that it's free until you use it. That is, unless you make a sale you don't pay a penny!

Not only is the system easy to administrate, with a very intuitive administration panel, it also uses a custom templating language called Liquid. Liquid allows for rapid page development, and lots of freedom since it supports development with XHTML, CSS, and Javascript (all of which were used for Surfers Supplies store).

In less than 2 weeks, a functional store was ready to be populated with collections of products, and 'surfed' by potential customers!

It should be noted that Shopify is still a young and growing product. Because of this, some features are still missing. Some things, like advanced taxation tables and shipping by price (rather than weight), and a full API for loading products aren't available...yet. The JadedPixel team is working hard to roll out these features to make Shopify a more robust service.

Developing with Shopify is a dream, despite some of the technical shortcomings it has in its youth. We look forward to seeing it become an even more powerful tool that we can offer our clients!

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