Progress Physical Therapy

Progress Physical Therapy

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Project Summary

Brochureware. It doesn't need to just lay there like a dead fish.
Enter content-ninja, Redstart. Bow. You're about to meet your master.

4 Weeks
To deliver a beautiful brochureware-style site that would grow with the addition of new locations and staff members
We Know HTML delivered the following to the client during the project:

Detailed Project Description

"Content Management" is a dirty phrase for most developers. Working with management systems typically means headaches, broken code, inability to develop to web standards. "Content Management" is a scary idea for most end users. For the technically inexperienced, most management systems have a steep learning curve.

Enter Redstart, a customizable CMS solution built on top of the #1 blogging tool by professional and amateur bloggers alike, Wordpress. Since the learning curve on Wordpress is as very easy, the ease of using Redstart is almost as powerful as it's technical merits.

We Know HTML doesnt trust just anyone to partner with, but we put a LOT of trust in the quality of work coming out of Maryland-based Concept64. They have used Wordpress's renowned plugin architecture to seamlessly build on top of the best parts of the tool, and extend them to a content-oriented management system that they call Redstart.

For Progress Physical Therapy, it was important that company growth was able to be readily reflected on the website...addition of new locations and staff members needed to be why not the rest of the site, too?

Thanks to Redstart, not only was the dream of easily managed content realized, but development time was drastically reduced thanks to powerful templating tools built right into Wordpress. Also, by customizing existing plugins like the one used to install Google Maps, we took some of the edge off of maintaining a Maps locations can be added without needing to know any fancy javascript!

Finally, a CMS that doesnt suck! Thanks C-64!

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