Inspiration Festival

Inspiration Festival

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Client Testimonial

“Alex Hillman kicks rss. Seriously, we started talking to him at the beginning of a potentially complicated project. He instantly understood what we needed to to and implemented quickly. For the first time in my history of working long distance with a developer, the execution was bang-on with what I was dreaming up. If you don't hire him, you are wasting your money.” - Tara Hunt, Citizen Agency

Project Summary

In true weekend warrior style, We Know HTML utilized community driven content and open-source tools to turn a robust product in a short timeline.

6 Weeks
To create a content rich collaborative site within 6 weeks
We Know HTML delivered the following to the client during the project:
  • Designed and developed single-page data aggregation system, and supporting pages.
  • Custom CSS stylesheets for Drupal, PBWiki, and Vanilla forum

Detailed Project Description

Inspiration Festival approached Citizen Agency to get advice on how to create a 6 month project in 6 weeks, but they wanted something lightweight enough to be able to recreate it in 2 weeks down the road.

The proposal was to create a 'small pieces loosely joined' site that would leverage the excellent tools that were already online like Flickr for photos, for video, Ma.gnolia for bookmarks and PBWiki for the wiki.

WeKnowHTML came in and turned vision into reality almost overnight, designing and programming a single page that aggregated tagged content on a php page without appearing to be a mere aggregator.

Instead of over-complicating the design, we created an agile, lightweight page that could be easily reconfigured in the future for any similar project.

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